About Us

LevickRoth is pleased to introduce our newly redesigned National Boutique Law Firm. Our business model has been updated with a refreshing new outlook for providing legal services for the complex and volatile real estate marketplace. By retaining boutique law firm attributes of value and personalized counseling, and enhancing them with the diversity of experience and capacity that a national platform affords, LevickRoth provides a novel solution to clients for their commercial real estate legal needs.

Our service-oriented “time kills deals” philosophy and progressive cost structure have a universal attraction. We strive each and every day to adhere to these core values and are grateful for a loyal and ever-growing client base which extends beyond our Midwest and Southeast roots.

LevickRoth’s “out of the box” business model is only the beginning of our creative, problem-solving mindset, which is available to you regardless of the size or location of you or your transactions. From single property to large portfolios transactions, our unique platform enables us to provide cost-effective solutions to corporate and individual owners, tenants, borrowers and lenders alike.

We welcome you to a new way of thinking about your legal advisor.